OpenDino Bibliography

This page is the in-progress bibliography of the Open Dinosaur Project .


We request that whenever you add data from a published source to the ODP's database, you check whether the source's reference is already here, and if not, add it. All references must be in PLoS format, as described in their author guidelines at (you have to scroll down to the References heading, which unfortunately doesn't have an anchor that we can link directly to). Leave one blank line between successive references. If you spot a mistake in an existing reference, please fix it.


Please keep all references in order according to the following criteria, in order of priority:
1. Alphabetic order of first author's surname
2. Number of authors (fewest first)
3. Alphabetic order of second author's surname, third author's surname, etc.
4. Year of publication
5. Order of publication within year (with discriminating letter appended to year).

Example of ordering

Osborn 1898
Osborn 1899
Osborn and Mook 1919
Osborn and Mook 1921
Osborn, Beeblebrox and Mook 1900

Bibliography starts here

Chinnery B (2004) Morphometric analysis of evolutionary trends in the ceratopsian postcranial skeleton. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 24: 591-609.

Xu X, Wang X-L, You H-L (2000) A primitive ornithopod from the Early Cretaceous Yixian Formation of Liaoning. Vertebrata PalAsiatica 38: 318–325.

Zheng X-T, You H-L, Xu X, Dong Z-M (2009) An Early Cretaceous heterodontosaurid dinosaur with filamentous integumentary structures. Nature 458: 333-336

      1. more to come!